Forget about the mundane stresses of life and get pampered! Lake Forest's premier massage salon, The Beauty Spot, proudly specializes in revitalizing massage therapy for people of all walks of life and lifestyles. Whether you're looking for a therapeutic deep tissue massage, or a classic hot stone massage treatment, our massage therapists will awaken your mind, body, and soul. Schedule your massage appointment today.

Hot Stone Massage
A delightful warm treatment using Basalt Stones to rub away tension. The stones are perfectly heated and used throughout the massage to penetrate deep into the muscle. You’ll leave feeling Revived!
Reflexology Massage
This treatment focuses on the specific reflex points of the hands and feet, each of which corresponds to a particular structure in the body. Compression and other manipulations are used to reduce tension, induce relaxation and increase circulation.
Massage On-The-Go
Provides a quick relief of tension in the neck and shoulders without shedding an ounce of clothing.
Deep Tissue
Do you like a lot of pressure and want those problem knots worked out? Then step it up a notch with an invigorating and stimulating Deep Tissue Massage. Release tight muscles, improve mobility and energize your body.
Perfect for the athlete who needs to restore muscle balance, relieve tight muscle groups and increase flexibility. Combination of massage techniques and stretching will put you back in the game.
Enjoy a relaxing traditional Swedish massage which uses light pressure to help improve circulation, reduce stress and restore balance. Leaving you feeling refreshed and Revived!
Becoming a mother is very exciting, but it can also be very stressful on the body. Prenatal massage is a great complement to reduce the normal discomforts that are associated with pregnancy such as back pain, headaches, joint pain and disturbed sleep patterns. Recipients must be past their 1st trimester.